Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A sure sign of spring in Michigan

The car shows have begun!

Shiny classics are popping up all over.

Here is S, schmoozing it up with the owner of that classic wagon behind him:

S is wearing a vintage late-1950's bowling shirt. It was his dad's. What makes it even better is that his dad's name was Earl.

Here's the back of the bowling shirt:

The Dag-Wood is now called the Fleetwood. They make kick-ass breakfasts there.

I've changed my profile picture. Here it is in full-size for you to see:

Look at how GREEN that grass is! I totally wanted to roll around in it.

Isn't she dreamy?

She's a tad creepy, too.

1 comment:

penny said...

Our classic car shows usually start in late spring, and most are in the summer. The only one we usually have in the immediate area is in late summer at the drive-in.

Love the bowling shirt! I bought 3 women's bowling shirts at a yard sale a long time ago. They were fitted, so they didn't really fit me, but I still kept them, though I have no idea where they are now.

I would have to agree that the mannequin is somewhat dreamy/slightly creepy. Does she have knees?