Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bad attitude days...with sunshine.

People, I have been pissy lately.

So much so, that I took a day and a half worth of sick leave from work. It was either that or run the risk of snapping and telling a coworker to go stick their head up their ass. I'm not embarrassed to call the days off mental health days.

Poor S. He's been a trooper.

On a happy note, it's sunny today.

Happier note: I've not killed any of the veggie plants I've planted so far...and I've got a few more to plant yet.

Hopefully I'll give enough of a crap to go exercise tonight. Hopefully that'll help.

That and a new job.


penny said...

I'm very thankful I don't have coworkers for that reason. I think St. John's Wort has kept me from becoming a convicted murderer, or at least from being charged with assault. And it has rained all day. No surprise.

Happy veggie growing! You can plant mine if that would make you happy. It would make ME very happy!

My word is "freque". How did they know?

Anonymous said...

Just checked your blog today and saw this post. I did exactly the same thing last week. After weeks of clouds and rain, I just had to take a sunny day off and sit in the sun. And yes, sometimes you just want to take a stick to your co-workers, but with the economy so bad...we just have to hang in there with the jobs we have. WV for today - sticated - no kidding!