Monday, June 8, 2009

Family lunch.

Yesterday, through a series of seemingly unrelated events, it worked out that me, my parents, and my brother were able to have lunch together. No sister-in-law. No nieces & nephew. No boyfriend.

Just the four of us.

For the first time in probably a dozen years. Probably longer.

It was wonderful.

And it was over too soon.

I must try to arrange these lunches more often. Can I just say to my sister-in-law, "Hey, love you and the kids, but you're not invited."?

Also? I'd like to take my brother to a movie and dinner. Just the two of us. That, I think, would be pretty easy to arrange. Maybe I'll take him to see the new Star Trek movie.


The Orphan Car Show was yesterday. It turned out to be a beautiful day. Rain threatened for a big part of the morning, but it held off.


penny said...

I could never in a million years get that to happen. My sister always has at least one of her kids, my brother doesn't come around much because his wife doesn't (seem) to want to be around us and he pretty much doesn't go anywhere without her, and my mom won't have a meal with dad unless there's at least 20 other people around. I would love to have a meal with just my brother, sister, and dad though. That would be exceptional.

Badger said...

Oh man, I love those times! They are VERY rare for me now that my brother lives in another state. The last time the four of us (him, me, mom and dad with no other spouses/kids) were together was a year or so ago when he flew in for my birthday. DH was at work and the kids were at school when my parents and I picked him up at the airport (his wife didn't come) and we spent the whole day together. It was AWESOME.

The time before that, it was for my grandmother's funeral in 2007. And that had been the first time just the four of us were together since my kids were born, I think. Yipes.