Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A funny Basset Boy Bart story

Yesterday morning, I got up at super early because those pesky dogs wanted breakfast.

So I dumped some kibble into their bowls and trooped off back to bed for a little more shut-eye.

At some point, Bart woke me up because he was licking. Something. He was licking something. Licking, licking, licking, oh my god!, the LICKING. I grumbled, I scolded, I screeched "BART! Stop licking!"

Eventually he quit. Rather, he quit licking loud enough for me to hear him.

Which is saying something because as much as I ♥ dogs, I can't stand to hear a dog lick.



He decided to cuddle with me at some point.

So when I finally peeled my eyes open, I became the big spoon to Bart's little spoon.

He looked up at me with his big brown Basset Hound eyes and implored me, "PLEASE! Get the kibble out of my nose!"

He truly tried to inhale his breakfast.

No wonder he was lickingLICKINGlicking yesterday morning.

And I can add "Basset Hound Nose Picker" to my dog-sitting resumé.

Lucky me.


HEATHER said...

Poor dog! But I'm with you, licking THE worst sound on earth!

ree said...

I've been known to wake up from a dead sleep to scream, "Stop licking your ass!"

Glad Bart was only going after food. ;-)

jay said...

HAHAHA! Oh, poor dog! But .. you make it sound funny the way you tell it!

The sound of licking doesn't bother me, fortunately, but while greyhounds are famous for 'inhaling' their food, I've never had one actually DO it! I'm glad you were able to help the poor guy.

One of my dogs did inhale a grass seed once. I actually saw the wretched thing shoot up his nose - one of those hairy wild barley type things. Boy, did he gag and splutter. I'd actually called the vet, when he managed to honk it all the way down and swallow it. Thank heavens. How they'd manage to get a seed out of that long narrow nose I have no idea!

Tuli said...

It happened AGAIN this morning.

It makes me wonder how many times this has happened that I've missed! At this point, we're doing a nose check after every meal.

Luckily, this bag of food is almost gone. The next bag will have bigger kibble chunks!

Red Hamster said...

A nose check after every meal! And I thought I was having a rough week! Poor Bart, and you as the nose picker.

The sound of licking doesn't bother me, but the sight of pets licking their private parts - eewwwww!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, my, word. Kibble up the schnoz. I never would have thought.