Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In which I try to capture a little magic

Bossy posted today about The Wizard of Oz. It appears that the movie is coming to theaters for one night (Wednesday, September 23) to be shown in hi-def. This is where I admit that I'm not sure I know what hi-def means when it comes to seeing movies in theaters - is it digital? Or is there some special hi-def reel-to-reel film that I don't know about?

No matter.

I totally bought tickets. I'm really looking forward to seeing TWOO all shiny and clean and bright.

I've never seen the movie in a theater, and I don't think I've ever seen it without commercial interruption (was it ever broadcast commercial free?). I remember watching it on TV every year and thinking it was magic. How did they switch to color like that? How did Glenda float like that? Golly, her pink dress sure is sparkly. The horses that changed color? Miraculous!

I thought the Scarecrow really was made of straw. No person could be all bendy like that.

What about you? You going?


LeahBear said...

I learned about it from Bossy too, and I cannot resist! I'm definitely going!

eurolush said...

Just watched the DVD a few months ago with the kids (their first time). They'd already seen the musical "Wicked," which meant they were totally confused.

Felt the same way about TWOO when I was little...when the black and white turned to color...I was amazed!