Monday, September 14, 2009

The Weekend In Pictures.

9/11/09 -- Friday Night --Flat tire at the Model T plant on Piquette & Brush in Detroit.

9/12 -- Saturday -- Old Car Festival. S finally bit the bullet and bought him some knickers. He was photographed more than the car.

9/12 -- Saturday evening -- Port Huron to Mackinac awards banquet at the yacht club.

9/13 -- Sunday -- Another day at Old Car Festival. Was fun! And gorgeous outside!

These are the cars that were being judged. (S's car has a 40 year old restoration so he doesn't have it judged.)

Conducting music or traffic?

Big-wheels! Everywhere we looked, big wheels! (Info about them here.)

This guy reminds me of Rich Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly.


jay said...

Oh, that does look fun! And photo opportunities everywhere, I see! I love the old penny farthing!

The guy with the helmet, I thought he was a policeman in old style dress at first, but .. no traffic! So I'm guessing music! LOL!

Anonymous said...

How fun! You and S are a darling couple in those outfits. The knickers are a hoot; bravo to S for having the moxie to wear them. I love your low-waisted dress; I've always loved that style, and old-style hats.

ree said...

You two are so cute! It looks like it was fun - and a beautiful weekend to boot!

eurolush said...

Great photos. You both look fabulous. Love the outfits...the car...everything!

I've been reading all about Henry Ford lately in a book called, "Fordlandia." Very interesting. He was quite a complicated guy.

Have you ever read the essay, "Farewell to Model T," by E. B. White? One of my favorites.

PS- My dad's first car was a Model T. I should send you a photo of him with his car when he was about 18.