Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Reading Meme

Eurolush tagged me for a meme last week. She got it from The Coffee Lady.

This meme is about one of my favorite things: READING. Here goes:

1.Most memorable place/experience reading a book?

One of my most memorable reading experiences was over the summer between 4th and 5th grade. I remember wearing my awesome lime green bikini, laying in a chase lounge in my front yard totally under the spell of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My brain was like Augustus Gloop, sucked up into the chocolate machine and jamming all the works -- I wouldn't get anything accomplished until I got that book finished.

I was, in fact, so involved in the novel that when my 4th grade teacher, who just so happened to be a neighbor of ours, rode up our gravel driveway on his bicycle I didn't hear him. When he spoke to me, I about crapped in my awesome lime green bikini.

I remember being so excited for Charlie. I also remember, when I had finished it, going into my house, looking at my mom while holding up my just-read copy and saying, "can we go to the library tomorrow so I can get another book? Because this was fun."

I wasn't a huge reader prior to that summer. But once I discovered how much fun books were? Nothing could hold me back.

2. Most unusual place/experience reading a book?

Hm. Tough one. I would have to say it was the time when I helped move a 41-foot sailboat from Detroit to Port Huron. At one point on Lake St. Clair, we were under sail, and I was reading. But what can I say? When you’re in the middle of a big lake, even when sailing, there’s not much to do. So I read.

3. Most dangerous place/experience reading a book?

Sitting on the edge of Mooney Falls, Havasu Canyon, Arizona. I’m not actually reading in this picture, I’m taking a picture of S who is taking a picture of me. But see where those three guys are standing? I was sitting there and got about a page in before I said, self, it’s too pretty here to be doing such a singular activity. So I put the book down.

Clicky to make it biggie. You should see more details.

4. Most luxurious place/experience reading a book?

· In bed, every evening before turning out the light.

· On the front porch swing of our B&B on Mackinac Island.

· In the hammock in S’s back yard.

5. Funniest place/experience reading a book? Or, add a reading-place/experience description of your own...

I’ve read in waiting rooms, at the Secretary of State, and while treating myself to lunch. I’ve read on the bus, as a passenger in a car, on our cross-country (U.S.) train trip, and on the Chunnel Train from Paris to London. I’ve read while sitting in traffic jams, on my couch, and on my front porch. When I’m on a reading binge, I carry a book with me at all times. When I’m not on a binge, I tend to think about books I’ve already read.

Sometimes I decide to read them again.

I'm tagging the Hotfessional, LouCeeL, LeahBear, and anyone else who wants to play along. Just copy and paste folks!

PS-Coffee Lady's esteemed colleague and blog friend, Bean Photo, is collecting these reading experiences. If you decide to do this meme, please email him when you have published:



Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, wow. This is a difficult meme! I've read many interesting books, I just don't think I've ever read books in interesting places or situations.

Hmmmmm, must think on this.

LeahBear said...

Yes, these are hard questions! I'll have to think about them, but I'm glad you tagged me - a good excuse for a post without photos (hard drive won't be fixed for 2 to 4 weeks) (*sob*)!

ree said...

Oh, how wonderful. I'm excited to be tagged... ;-) No, really.

Anonymous said...

Now this just makes me embarrassed that I spend so much time reading blogs instead of books. I love both; not enough hours in the day *sigh*

eurolush said...

Fab meme! Dear god, that photo from Mooney Falls is enough to give me heart palpitations...gorgeous, tho.

PS-I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, too. I spent much of my childhood day-dreaming about what it was like inside that factory. I would've traded the soul of my twin sister to get inside.

LceeL said...

I guess I'm IT! Tail end Charlie. Last one in line. I will do this tomorrow.

I was reading your profile. I would like to add a few things to your lists. I would like to suggest the books of Jasper Fforde. And the music of Karen Marie Garrett - especially 'Tally's Lullaby'.