Monday, October 12, 2009

On sneezing, furnaces, and books

  • I've done nothing but sneeze all day.
  • This is what I get for not turning my heat on yet.
  • Speaking of heat.
  • I broke down and tried to turn it on last night.
  • Friggin' thing wouldn't start.
  • So I've got a service call in.
  • $130 for them to come look at the beast of a furnace.
  • I'm hoping it's an easy fix,
  • that the owner of the company takes pity on my pocketbook,
  • and that tonight I have heat.
  • Because our predicted low for tonight is 38.
  • Cripes.
  • So.
  • To combat the sneezes, I'm drinking Pomegranate Green Tea.
  • I despise green tea.
  • So I added a bit of blue agave sweetener to it.
  • Not sure I like the tea.
  • Or the sweetener.
  • Tastes like artificial sweetener to me.
  • But then, I may have added to much this time.
  • I'll give it another shot before I decide for sure.
  • Damn heater.
  • My copy of Frankenstein has arrived.
  • I tried to start it last night.
  • Got about a sentence in and nodded right off.
  • At least I don't have much to re-read.
  • Also?
  • The Jane Austen novels started arriving this weekend.
  • I've received Mansfield Park, Persuasion, and Emma.
  • The other three are en route.
  • I love
  • But I'm down to only two credits!
  • (I need to list more books.)
  • (Stat!)
  • Happy Monday.


LceeL said...

Probably the pilot light on the furnace. I hope they don't try to fleece you. (Bad pun, I know. I'm sorry.) Do keep warm. I don't want you getting sick.

ree said...

I love bullet lists. ;-)

Tuli said...

Got my furnace fixed. The ignition gizmo was bad. The good news is that the part might be under warranty. (If it was last year that I had it replaced and not the year prior.)

Anonymous said...

Glad your furnace is fixed. Was the part under warranty?

Mondays suck, and so does being cold, IMHO.

LeahBear said...

Glad you got it fixed, and hope you've stopped sneezing!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

All my reasons for still not having turned on our furnace. I'm a bit ashamed to tell what the temp was inside this morning.