Thursday, October 15, 2009

'Shake it off' isn't working.

What do you do...

when you can't shake the don't-give-a-damn mood?
when you want to sit on your couch and do NOTHING?
when every. little. thing. that goes wrong send you into fits of anger?
when the urge to tell the world to fuck off and leave me alone is really strong?




Anonymous said...

Tuli, do great minds think alike? Or are we just suffering from the same SADD disorder?

I'm assuming the weather in Michigan has been the same as the weather in Iowa this week - below normal cold, damp, drizzly, no sun. I've been in such a downer mood that I don't want to blog. But hey, now you've made me feel like doing my own post of misery.

Ummm, this isn't really helping you, is it? When I'm mad at the world, a huge bowl of buttered popcorn helps. I think crunching on the popcorn is a substitute for biting the heads off of my co-workers and everyone else in the world.

Tuli said...

I like your popcorn idea, Red. I'll have to try that.

I've also discovered that just getting it out there - my foul mood and general state of displeasure - on my blog helped. I still want to scream but holy cats, the pressure isn't nearly as bad now.

LeahBear said...

I find that if I want to sit on the couch and do nothing, sitting on the couch and doing nothing sometimes really helps. Maybe with a hot cup of tea and some thoughts on how tomorrow is going to be a better day.

blackbird said...

Find someone to talk to!
Change up your routine!
Move some furniture!

I hope you shake it soon...

eurolush said...

Eat a pastry?

Do a handstand?

Dye your hair?

Go for a run/walk/jog?

Take a nap?

Definitely eat some popcorn, while moving furniture.

LceeL said...

What you do is put on shoes with a good sole, go to Toys R Us and buy a pair of clip on roller skates that you haven't even SEEN since you were six, and go roller skating.

Duyvken said...

A shower always breaks my mood, or curling up in bed with a book. Not that they are always easy to do but they're my favourite ways to get out of a funk.