Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday cruisin'

I just spent a gorgeous Saturday afternoon doing this, while riding in this:

This 2007 SRT Magnum was modified/painted/whatever by West Coast Customs. My friend PC owns it. It's a ton of fun to ride around in but there's not a lot of headroom in the back seat [S, the lucky dog, got to drive it all day, PC rode shot-gun - I got the back seat] so with it's super-sporty suspension, I spent most of the day hunched over so as not to bang my head on the chopped roof.

(By the way, you don't know what fun is until you get two hetero males blasting this song with the hatch-gate open while cruising down the road.)

(S is addicted to Lady Gaga.)

(No, I'm not lying.)


Ree said...

We used to have a Magnum. It was great, but way too big for me. :-)

The Chrysler dealer in Chicago about jumped out of his skin when we bought the Jeep - was praying we still had the Magnum to trade in.

Anonymous said...

That song is too funny coming out of an SRT Magnum driven by 2 hetero males. Sounds like a great summer Saturday afternoon activity, except for the part.

LeahBear said...

You know... Mr. Bear loves Lady Gaga too. A lot.