Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cars & Crafts

DB and I have been dating for just over two years. There are several things he's taught me to appreciate since we've been together. The foremost being craftsmanship of days gone by -- old houses that, when you look at them really closely, reveal fantastic details that are oh-so-subtle. Another is the form of old furniture (sometimes it really is worth reupholstering). And obviously, old crappe.

But the thing I've learned to appreciate that has had the most impact on me is cars. Specifically, antique cars. Just looking at antique cars is pleasing. The curve of a fender, the line of its profile, the HUGE headlights. Think Roaring 20s, Grapes of Wrath, The Great Gatsby.

DB has an antique car. Several of them, truth be told, that he inherited from his grandpa. His pride and joy is an old pre-WWII independent grandpa restored in 1966. Do you realize the sheer number of independent auto makers in the early 1900s? Pre-DB, I had no clue.

People, the Liberty:

When we take her out, we try to dress the part. So yay, vintage shopping! Which is, by far, a HECK of a lot more fun that shopping for everyday wear. This is the first of my three (so far) car dresses. Found at a local vintage store that is no longer around. Not vintage 20s but close enough with all the little pleats and the drop waist and the general sack-like fit:

Dress #2 was found at a vintage store in Detroit. They don't have a website so you don't get a link. Again, not vintage 20s attire (60s maybe?) but it worked:

And here's where the craft portion of this post comes in. I made car dress #3. The pattern wasn't confusing but since I'm not one who regularly sews it took me forever to figure out how to attach the collar.It's more of a day dress than a flapper-wannabe. I call it my "Green dress (but not a real green dress, that's cruel)" dress.

(The blue car next to Liberty is a 1918 Mitchell. Pretty car - and it has a trunk! Also, the third car pictured on this page is unbelievable. Just gorgeous.)

DB is looking for knickers and an argyle sweater with matching socks. I've got a different pattern I'm going to try my hand at. Jeez, we're dorks. But we have fun.

DB will, one day, try his hand at a restoration. Or at least a partial one. There's something to be said about barn condition. We're thinking we'll get this Liberty (a 1922) running, make sure it's structurally sound, put some seats in it, and hit the road. Screw paint!

Of course, we'll have to get all the bird crap off it, first.


HEATHER said...

BTW-You aren't dorks! You know Ralph Lauren collects oldies like this only his are worth millions.

Eleanor said...

Not dorks!!! How cute are the two of you, and your cars. Is that a little wicker picnic basket on the side of the first car? You know what...don't tell me if it isn't, I SO MUCH want it to be! And your dresses are outstanding.

P.S. After looking at your apron gift I am amazed that I have kept my husband so far!

Just Plain Jane said...

What fun! What wonderful fun......

Badger said...

OMG HOW CUTE ARE YOU TWO?! With your vintage clothes and cars and stuff?! Seriously, you look so glamorous.

I could never pull off that look because hats look like ass on me. I guess it's a good thing my huzbin drives a late-model Ford truck. It's ALL I'M GOOD FOR.

blackbird said...

You guys look TOO DAMN CUTE.

And the car is amazing!

Tuli said...

Heather: I'm glad Mr. Lauren has the sense to collect these beauties - even if he does pay a boatload of moolah for them.

Eleanor: It IS a wicker basket and we use it to carry our snacks when we go to shows. The little metal thing holding it to the running board expands to hold different size baskets & luggage. :)

Jane: It is always a great time when we take Liberty out. Even when we have to get out the hand-crank to get her started.

Badger: Glamorous is not a word I usually associate with myself but I'm glad I pulled it off! :)

Blackbird: Thanks so much! We'll be even cuter when DB gets his knickers! (He's got GREAT legs. hehe.)

Eleanor said...

That wicker basket will stay in my mind forever, cheering me up when I'm blue, reminding me of the goodness of life. You are SO LUCKY!!!