Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Robin Story

Since I've not mentioned the robin family in awhile, let me catch you up:

Thursday, May 8, 2008: I noticed a robin had built a nest in my pathetic-looking asparagus fern.

Tuesday, May 13: egg(s) present. Front porch use limited to coming-and-going.

Friday, May 16: more eggs and mama present constantly. I begin to, daily, rinse and fill the birdbath and keep seed in the feeder.

People, a pictorial of robin-rearing:

May 26: nekkid babies! There are three of them in there:

May 29: Momma (or Poppa - I don't know which is which) givin' the babies some air:

May 30: nekkid babies, part 2 (so Jurassic looking):

June 1: I'm amazed that this is just two days later!

June 1: momma starts sitting higher in the nest:

June 4: feedings are done on high-alert:

June 4: no wonder - those babies are huge!

June 8: this little fellow is the last to leave the nest. He hopped about the fern for a couple of hours. He made is escape when I wasn't at the window with my camera ready. I'm not sure when his nest-mates left, they were gone this morning, though:

June 8: empty nest:

For those of you keeping score at home, that was ONE MONTH from nest-building to empty nest.


Recently, Eurolush found proof that Germans aren't always nice to those in the Badger family. I think it should be known that those of us in the Great Lakes region lurve our Badgers. We honor them by naming ships after them:


HEATHER said...

Be sure to get that nest out of there and put some moth balls in there. That should keep them from coming back and any others who might get the bright idea to take over the nest.
Really great pictures though!

blackbird said...

I had fun hearing about their progress!

Badger said...


eurolush said...

Love the Robin saga...I had finches in my ferns last spring. Watching their progress from tiny eggs to fluffy fledglings was fascinating.