Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good things

Nothing but good things came in the mail today, people. Nothin' but good things.

Good thing 1: I signed up for Netflix again recently and got my first movie today. S has a crush on Julia Ormond so I rented Varian's War. I hope he hasn't seen it. (I went the Netflix route because Hollywood Video charges $4.49 for new releases. $4.49! For ONE movie! Their "library" movies are a bit better at $2.99/movie but oh my gah - those rental rates suck!)

Good thing 2: I Capture The Castle arrived because of a PaperBack Swap order. Eurolush suggeted I add it to my '30 Books in 2009' list. So I did!

Good thing 3: My 'new' cell phone arrived. I squirreled away some money and ordered myself a used PDA/Smartphone thingie. This is what it looks like, except mine has some scratches and doesn't say Sprint:

(If any of you out there have one of these, please! Let me know what you love and/or hate about it. It's a Palm Treo 700WX.)

Good thing 4, and this is the BEST thing that my mailbox gave me today: the letter from Eastern Michigan University stating that my audit has been done and that if I satisfactorily complete the two classes I'm currently taking then I'm eligible for GRADUATION in APRIL! I'm positively GIDDY. The light at the end of the tunnel is blinding me, people. Blinding me!


eurolush said...

Congrats on #4!

You should be very proud. Come April, we will all be clapping and cheering for you all over the world. (Though you may have to strain to hear it.)

Hope you like the book...

Badger said...

Woot! on the impending graduation!

I loved I Capture The Castle. It was my pal Jen over at Knitters-Knitters who made me read it years ago. I loved it so much that I refuse to see the movie, in fact.

penny said...

What a good day!